In English

My name is Jaakko Vuorio – a class teacher, education researcher and a candidate for Tampere city council in the Finnish municipal elections 2021 from the Green League (Vihreät).

I have an extensive background in education and research. I have graduated from Tampere University and have a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts (Ed.) degree and a certified class and arts teacher diploma. I have worked several years in primary education both in Finland and in international schools abroad. Today I am completing my PhD in Tampere University about educational technology use in primary education and working in research development activities at the Finnish National Agency for Education (Opetushallitus). For the past several years my work has been somewhat international including academic work, European R&D projects and collaboration, research activities in Finland and abroad. Besides work and politics, I am an enthusiastic winter sports fan including freeride snowboarding, cross-country skiing and, of course, sauna.

I am ambitious for building and developing a more sustainable and just city for all. My values are linked strongly to the promotion of human rights, equity and equality, social justice, ecological sustainability and social democratic development of the society.

My main themes at the municipal elections are Education is for all, Let´s fix mental health services and More quality cycling routes.

If you are interested about my themes and my political work in general, I am more than happy to contact with you through some of my channels that you may find from the front page!